Tips to Make Coming Back to the Office Easier

Tips to Make Coming Back to the Office Easier

Many employees have become comfortable performing remote work from home. However, there are numerous benefits of coaxing your personnel to return to an office environment. These include a clearer separation of work from home life, the ability to fully focus on tasks without distractions, having everyone in the same place for collaborative efforts, and more effective promotion of your company culture. Here are some tips on how you can convince your employees to once again make the daily commute from home to the office.

Allow Flexibility in Scheduling

Before the shutdown, you may have insisted on a strict no-exceptions nine-to-five workday, but you may find that people are more amenable to coming into the office if they can set their schedule. For instance, some may choose to arrive late and remain late, while others may prefer to start work early and leave early.

Consider Going Hybrid

Instead of insisting that all personnel should return to the office full time immediately, it may be possible for your employees to spend some of their workdays at the office and some at home. This will make it easier for them to accept the transition back into an office environment.

Allow a Measure of Comfort

Your employees have got used to wearing jeans and tee-shirts or even pajamas while working at home. When they return to the office, instead of insisting on formalwear, consider compromising and allowing them to wear more casual, comfortable attire.

Encourage Interpersonal Relationships

The ability to interact with coworkers is one of the greatest advantages of an office environment. Create an atmosphere that makes it easy to forge strong interpersonal relationships. You can encourage this by scheduling shared meals and other bonding activities. The healthy connections they develop with their coworkers will cause employees to look forward to returning to the office each day.

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