Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

How Can an Unsecured Business Line of Credit Cover Your Capital Needs?

Whether you’re starting a new business or running an established one, accessing needed capital can be challenging. Unsecured business lines of credit from Skogen Capital Lending help endeavors like yours get off the ground or keep moving forward. After reviewing your business’s profitability and credit rating, we work with you to get the maximum amount of money you need when you need it at the best terms available.

Benefits for an Established Business

If your business earns between $1M and $10M annually, it may qualify for up to a $500K line of credit. Take advantage of these perks when you finance with us:

  • We offer outstanding rates: 1%-5% over prime for larger credit lines or a 0% introductory offer on business credit cards solutions.
  • We always offer competitive rates, never subprime loans.
  • We don’t require collateral if you qualify.

Benefits for a New Business

As a start-up, your business has no established revenue to act as collateral. However, if you or a business partner has a qualifying credit profile, a credit line ranging from $25K to $50K may be approved. You can use those funds to spend as you wish without risking your business or personal assets.

Our representatives at Skogen Capital Lending look forward to discussing with you how unsecured business lines of credit have funded other new or established businesses. Learn how can one help your business today.

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