Healthcare Financing

Use Healthcare and Medical Financing for Your Practice

The healthcare industry is vast and encompasses the professional talents of specialists in dental care, chiropractic work, and veterinary services. At Skogen Capital Lending, we understand that the financing needs for each segment of this industry require knowledge specific to that area. Our healthcare financing options provide solutions in many ways:

New Acquisitions

When you’re ready to set up your practice, you’ll need financing for an office, equipment, staff, and operational expenses. When you finance with us, we offer one hundred percent financing when you qualify.

Improvement and Expansion

Whether you want to buy out your partner or upgrade your equipment, Skogen Capital Lending has several financing options, including both loans and leases. If your medical equipment is outdated, for example, equipment leasing provides allows you to improve your quality of care and also gives you quick access to funds that can also be used toward soft costs.

Debt Consolidation

Juggling the payments for multiple loans can become a complicated mess. When you consolidate with us, you not only combine your debt load into one affordable payment, but the application approval process may be complete within just 24 hours.

Working Capital Loans

When you are faced with opportunities to take your practice to a new level, you don’t want to miss out because you don’t have the necessary capital. With one of our working capital loans, you have the flexibility to use the funds where and how you decide.

Flexible Financing

There are several benefits to working with Skogen Capital Lending:

  • Excellent terms that extend to 72 months for qualifying professionals
  • Simple paperwork that may not require full financials depending on the amount of the loan
  • Application completion without upfront payments
  • Financing that doesn’t impact your personal credit score

Control Over Your Practice

With the freedom to negotiate the financing terms and to decide how your funds will be used, you have control over the direction your practice takes. Contact a Skogen Capital Lending representative today to get your application started.