Working Capital Arizona

Working Capital for Businesses in Arizona

The ability for businesses in Arizona to access working capital helps to determine long-term success. At Skogen Capital Lending, we understand the challenges facing business owners across all industries in Arizona. Traditional lending channels keep raising their requirements, which makes it more difficult for local business owners to get the working capital they need. For these reasons, Skogen Capital Lending is committed to providing fast, flexible, and affordable working capital solutions to businesses throughout Arizona. We are based in Arizona, and our working capital solutions allow businesses to:

  • Cover overhead costs
  • Handle unexpected costs
  • Hire additional employees
  • Increase their purchasing power
  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Make payroll
  • Pay down bills, liabilities, and existing debt
  • Prepare for seasonal sales
  • Purchase inventory, supplies, and raw materials
  • Roll out plans for growth
  • Take advantage of lucrative opportunities

Merchant Cash Advance Solutions for Businesses in Arizona 

Not all businesses want to take on debt from traditional loans to get working capital. Skogen Capital Lending provides a merchant cash advance program to businesses in Arizona. Our merchant cash advances do not place any debt on the balance sheet, nor are there fixed monthly payments. Instead, the balance of a merchant cash advance is repaid electronically from a small percentage of sales receipts when customers use credit cards to make purchases. Merchant cash advances from Skogen Capital Lending can be arranged quickly, so businesses in Arizona can access the working capital they need without unnecessary delays. Our merchant cash advances offer the following benefits to businesses in Arizona:

  • Financing up to $200,000 per business location in Philadelphia, PA
  • No credit checks
  • No debt
  • No collateral necessary
  • No fixed payments, equity loss, or closing fees
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Minimal paperwork
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No balloon payments

Unsecured Lines of Credit for New and Existing Businesses in Arizona

Businesses need working capital to thrive, but many do not have the owned equipment, property, or assets to meet the collateral requirements of traditional lenders. Skogen Capital Lending does away with collateral requirements by offering unsecured lines of credit to businesses in Arizona. Our unsecured business lines of credit do not have any collateral requirements, so both existing and emerging businesses in Arizona can get the working capital they need. Unsecured business lines of credit offer the following benefits to businesses in Arizona:

  • Up to $500,000 for existing businesses in Arizona
  • Up to $50,000 for new businesses in Arizona
  • Introductory rates on credit cards as low as 0%
  • Large lines of credit with rates between 1% and 5% over prime
  • No collateral necessary with good credit ratings and financials
  • Fast pre-qualification process
  • Guarantees low rates for all approvals
  • No maintenance fees
  • Higher credit limits are available for growing businesses

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