Using a Business Line of Credit To Boost Retention

One way to be more successful in your business is to recruit and retain the best talent available. Retention can be one of the trickier parts of the business because you want to offer your workers the best pay and benefits without going bankrupt. One of the ways to boost retention is to use a business line of credit to hire more help, upgrade working conditions and provide incentives.

Hiring More Help

Customers will go elsewhere if your company is consistently crowded and your employees struggle to keep up. Bringing on another person to help out will not only help you keep customers, but it will also decrease the stress each worker feels on the job, and he or she will be less likely to quit. While it is not a good idea to use a credit line for ongoing expenses, such as salaries, using the extra funding to pay a new employee until profits catch up can be an excellent idea.

Upgrade Working Conditions

Retention can hinge on the working conditions at your company as much as, if not more than, salary and benefits. Faulty or scarce equipment, cramped or bare breakrooms and no place to offer suggestions or state grievances are all factors convincing good employees to seek a job elsewhere. A business line of credit can help you repair and replace the things needed for a safe and productive workspace. With the proper funding, you can upgrade employee-only spaces such as breakrooms and lockers and create an area where you can show how much you value your workers by listening to them.

Provide Incentives

One of the most effective ways to retain employees is to keep them engaged in the job and invested in the company’s success. Offering incentives for top job performers, project benchmarks and personal health and wellness goals can go a long way toward having a fully engaged and invested workforce. For instance, you can use your credit line to get step counters for your employees and have a goal for total miles walked in a month, complete with a reward. This incentive will help keep your workers healthier by walking, increase their willingness to go the extra mile for customers, and help bond the team.

Retaining hard workers is vital for businesses because it is often cheaper to give an employee a raise than to hire and train a new one. You can boost your company’s retention by showing workers that you value their efforts. You can do this by improving working conditions, offering incentives, and hiring more personnel when needed. A business line of credit can help you pay for these things and help recruit and retain the best talent possible.