Check Out These Suggested First Hires

Check Out These Suggested First Hires

When you start a business and it is growing, you will need help to run it at one point. That means hiring employees. But this step is easier said than done. An average employer spends about 24 days and $4,000 on the hiring process. And because money is usually tight for new businesses, you do not have to rush the process. Being slow and thorough will earn you quality work. So, if your business is in this stage, who should be your first hire? Here are some great suggestions.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

The CEO will be in charge of controlling the business’s vision, culture, and direction. The COO is in charge of the daily operations that keep the company ongoing. While you can hire for these positions, in most cases, the company founder will assume the role.

Product Manager

This is your go-to person for anything related to products. The product manager is in charge of product vision, strategy, and development.

Chief Marketing Officer

This is the person in charge of marketing and advertising. Find someone that can handle various tasks like copywriting, running ad campaigns, designing collateral, and managing social media marketing.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A person specializing in technology and development will be a huge asset to your company. That is because most aspects of a business rely on tech. This is particularly important for tech startups.

Chief Financial Officer

For this role, it is better to outsource help. But if your finances allow, hire someone to be in charge of accounting and finance to ensure money is being used responsibly.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of generating new leads, which will bring the company more money. A good sales rep will bring in enough money, allowing you to hire more people.

Customer Service Representative

This team member will be in charge of building positive relationships with clients and customers. This is an important role as it will determine how customers will perceive your business.  

You do not have to hire all these people at once. You can also take up some roles that you are qualified for. The most important thing is ensuring that you are thorough in your hiring process, choosing the most qualified.

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